About Us


Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

Marco Technology Co., Ltd was founded in November 2006, formerly known as E-Tune Co., Ltd. which was established in 2005. We are a well recognized expert in Enterprise Content Management, Middleware and Application Quality Management solution. With our integrity and high capability, together with service minded staff, we received Best Rooky 2010 Award from HP.


Management Vision

Most of IT solution ended with non achieved ROI and continue investment for problem solving. For our client, we don’t want this situation to be occurred. In the beginning of every projects, we will put more effort on the Requirement Analysis and Implementation to make sure the solution correct and straight to the point. In the long run, we will keep monitoring and maintain with our experienced staff who understand whole story and original objectives

  • Registered in November 2006
  • We are well recognized expert in Software Strategy, Quality and Operation Management solution
  • We have 80+ staff in technical field expert and more on support and operation